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Tell Your Story

Every brand story has unique facets to it – that’s what makes it, well, a brand. Yet your story has little value to it unless it conveys differentiation, and unless it resonates with the people to whom you’re imparting it.

The key is finding and connecting the dots that kick started the whole mission or dream in the first place. That’s where the good stuff resides. And that’s when the purity of your brand emerges. And by constantly listening to your audience, you can develop even sharper points that underscore what you’re all about.

People know a good brand story when they hear it.  Especially if its authentic and engaging – if it rings true. It will foster an emotional connection and build trust. And this is where the plot thickens, because once those connections are solidified, that’s when customers start buying. And keep buying.

Just be who you are, because that wins.

Listen & Engage

Due to the deluge of traditional and digital media, companies are aware that the marketing game has changed. It’s no longer brands talking AT consumers, but brands talking TO them.

Those succeeding are the ones that have blurred the line between seller and buyer, the ones creating community. And they do so by listening, engaging, and having dialogue.

Put simply, they are making real connections. They are asking questions. They are getting personal. They are driven to understand the customer thought process and how it impacts buying decisions.

By the time customers reach your website, 60% have already decided to buy a solution or product like yours. Does your content resonate and close the deal? Does it engage and build trust? Are you solving their real problem?

Build Your Community

When you’ve attained clarity regarding what your brand stands for and the customers primed to be in it with you, what’s next can be daunting.

You’ve got to solve for arresting visuals, lead magnets, landing pages, social media, authentic communications, valuable content, a website or platform to deliver it – a myriad ways to engage with your customer.

While the Internet brings incredible opportunity, it also brings an almost infinite amount of decisions to be made. So let’s discover the shortest route to your destination, and build a marketing road map with clear directions and actionable steps.

We’ll create buyer personas and plot a customer journey. Organize and streamline your sales funnel. Create a messaging framework for content that generates more leads and converts more customers.

It’s all about developing a system for getting it done efficiently, and most importantly, tracking your success.

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What’s In It For You?

It’s all about identifying your ideal customers, and actually knowing where to find them.

And once you do zero in on these folks, when you understand how they make decisions – why they’re driven to buy specific products and services – things really start to fall into place.

You’ll be armed with knowledge that’ll enable you to authentically engage with these customers, which results in building their trust in your brand.

We’re here to help you formulate that Marketing Roadmap, the path on which you’ll be telling your unique story. We’ll eliminate time wasted going down those unproductive marketing dead ends.

  • Buyer Personas & Customer Journey Mapping

  • Branding & Messaging

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Competitor Research

  • Sales Funnels & Inbound Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Research & Strategic Planning


It’s time to stand apart.

What others say about us

Bryan Kopp

Amy’s perspective and insights have been a very welcome addition to the early stages of my coaching business!  Her professional experience is coupled with a personal style that aims to leverage my vision instead of restrict it.  Our conversations shed light on the elements of entrepreneurship that are often neglected by practitioners immersed in their work, and yet in dire need of attention when it comes to getting a business off the ground and sustainable.

Her gift lies in her ability to co-create a map for success that incorporates my specific goals while addressing the pre-existing marketplace that is foreign to most new entrepreneurs (ie: me!).  I have a much better understanding of my ideal clients, and more importantly, how to connect with them.  Much gratitude for all your help!

Bryan KoppCoachDevelopmental Mercenary
Camille Conte

Amy’s sharp mind along with her ability to stay on the cutting edge of all that is new and evolving with internet marketing, make her a stand out in the field of marketing experts!

As a coach, she gave me a high perch view that allowed me to see why some of my marketing wasn’t working. Better than any GPS, she helped me lock in my destination and create my roadmap to success! She’s so good, I’ve got her on retainer!

Camille ConteEntrepreneurSpiritual Awakening
Shanna Paxton

Working with Amy has helped streamline our business. She provided excellent marketing advice allowing us to scale our business. I love her upfront, honest style and her ability to make complex digital marketing systems, well…less complex!

Shanna PaxtonPhotographerShanna Paxton Photography
Jordan Marshall

Amy Young provided timely, expert analysis of a proposed media campaign and helped point the way toward more successful messaging.

Her attention to detail and ability to respond quickly to a pressing need is much appreciated. I am confident her firm will stay on the go-to list for market research in the future.

Jordan MarshallDirector of External AffairsRasmuson Foundation

Helping give our clients actionable insights, year after year.